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South Dakota 125 Anniversary

to get your own place.
First-time Homebuyer Program

The First-Time Homebuyer Program makes it easier for South Dakotans to find a place of their own. The program also has provisions for second-time buyers and military veterans.

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A Dream,
Ready to come true.
Governor's House Program

Certain families in South Dakota can qualify for the Governor's House, a home designed for low-income and disabled individuals.

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Need some Extra Muscle
for your home loan?
Mortgage Credit Certificate and First-time Homebuyer Program

With a SDHDA Tax Credit (mortgage credit certificate), first-time homebuyers can get up to a $2,000 tax credit every year to help them buy their first house.

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Your Perfect Match. makes it easy.

Looking for the perfect place to rent? Browse for apartments on The website is maintained by SDHDA, has no advertising and is free to use.

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Find rental housing in South Dakota

South Dakota Housing Development Authority

Affordable housing for South Dakota.

Since 1973, SDHDA has been dedicated to developing affordable housing for all South Dakotans. Working through local partnerships, we help provide decent, healthy and safe housing opportunities to those in need, including low-income and moderate-income families, the elderly and disabled.

This website will help you find information about housing programs and affordable housing developments in South Dakota, including the Governor's House Program and the First-Time Homebuyer Program. You can also access statewide apartment and rental listings through

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South Dakota Homebuyer Education and Counciling
South Dakota Housing For The Homeless Consortium