Housing For The Homeless

South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium

Formed in 2000, the South Dakota Housing for the Homeless Consortium is a statewide organization consisting of service providers, individuals, city/county governments, faith-based organizations and state government all working together to address homelessness in our state. The Consortium believes that housing and other basic human needs should be within everyone's reach in an affordable and dignified manner. Our vision is to empower homeless individuals and families to regain self-sufficiency to the maximum extent possible. The Consortium’s Ten-Year Plan to End Homelessness describes in detail our vision and values along with specific goals, objectives and action steps intended to help prevent and end homelessness in South Dakota.

What we do:
The Consortium was formed to access HUD's Continuum of Care funding, which has provided over $20 million dollars of capital and operating funds to South Dakota since 2000. In addition, the Consortium has also expanded its efforts and knowledge of homelessness in South Dakota by facilitating meetings and events for individuals and organizations, and analyzing homelessness information.

Annually the Consortium completes a statewide homeless count and survey. The count and survey provides historical and current information regarding who our homeless are, where they are located and what services they need to become self sufficient. This information is utilized by service agencies and government officials when evaluating programs and allocating resources.

To obtain accurate information on South Dakota's homeless population, the Consortium is responsible for implementing and maintaining a software program called the Homeless Management Information System (HMIS). It is the goal of the Consortium to have all agencies, who serve homeless individuals and families, utilize HMIS, providing one unified system with accurate and consistent information.

The Consortium invites all persons with an interest in preventing and resolving homelessness and persons with a lived homelessness experience to become members of the Consortium. Membership is open and continuous and there are no dues or direct costs for becoming a member. Consortium members meet quarterly to problem solve, create action steps, and incorporate activities on a variety of important topics related to homelessness awareness, prevention, resolution, and data collection. The Consortium believes that collaboration is the key to successfully ending homelessness. Anyone interested in Consortium membership and other information pertaining to homelessness in South Dakota may contact CoC Administrator via link at the bottom of this page.

South Dakota implemented a statewide Coordinated Entry System (CES) in 2018. CES is a process in which persons experiencing homelessness are consistently assessed, are prioritized for housing based on their needs, and are referred to the available housing and services resources that will most successfully end the experience of homelessness. The consortium believes that by working together as a collaborative system, as opposed to working as individual groups and programs, the limited homeless housing and service resources will be utilized most efficiently and effectively to end homelessness in South Dakota.