Housing Development

During the 2022 session of the South Dakota Legislature, the House of Representatives and the Senate passed House Bill 1033 and Governor Noem signed the Bill into law.

Section 2 of House Bill 1033 appropriates federal fund expenditure authority of $50,000,000 from the American Rescue Plan Act to South Dakota Housing Development Authority (SDHDA), for purpose of providing grants for the construction of housing infrastructure.

For purposes of House Bill 1033, housing infrastructure means public:

  1. Right of way;
  2. Water distribution systems;
  3. Sanitary and storm sewers;
  4. Streets, roads and bridges;
  5. Curbs, gutters, and sidewalks;
  6. Lift stations;
  7. Excavation and compaction;
  8. Traffic signals;
  9. Street lighting;
  10. The purchase of land necessary to accommodate projects listed in this section; and
  11. Any other infrastructure project determined by the South Dakota Housing Development Authority to be consistent with the purposes of this House Bill 1033.

On May 17, 2022, the SDHDA Board of Commissioners adopted a resolution instructing SDHDA staff to develop an allocation plan to outline the process and procedures for the implementation and allocation of the federal fund expenditure authority appropriated to SDHDA pursuant to Section 2 of HB 1033.

The current status of program implementation as of June 10, 2022, is as follows. Please note all anticipated timelines are subject to change.

SDHDA staff are drafting the allocation plan outlining the program parameters for the $50M of ARPA funding including how the program funds will be awarded to applicants.

The Board will review the draft allocation plan during their June 2022 Board meeting. If the Board approves the proposed allocation plan, SDHDA staff will then release the draft allocation plan to the general public for review and a 14-day public comment period. The draft allocation plan will be posted on SDHDA’s website.

During the 14-day public comment period, individuals and organizations will have the ability to provide written comments via email, fax or by mail. Written comments can be provided to support the program parameters as presented, ask for changes or seek further clarification.

During the 14-day public comment period, SDHDA will also hold a webinar to outline the program parameters and provide additional information to attendees. Information including the draft allocation plan, webinar details and other supporting documents will be made accessible on this page.

Upon completion of the 14-day public comment period, SDHDA will consider the comments received, modify the allocation plan as appropriate and then present the final allocation plan at the July Board meeting. Upon approval of the final allocation plan, SDHDA will begin accepting applications for the funding.