The Help You Need

Sometimes getting to that perfect comfort level with homeownership takes a one-on-one session—that’s where South Dakota Housing’s network of housing counselors come in. If any of the below scenarios fit your description, you might be a good candidate for homebuyer counseling.

What is Homebuyer Counseling?

Whether you’re struggling with making your mortgage payment or you’re experiencing homelessness, there are a variety of situations a certified credit counselor can help you navigate. Through Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)-approved agencies, our network of counselors can help you refinance, repair credit and tackle defaults or foreclosures through private, one-on-one sessions.

This isn’t limited to just homeowners, either—renters can benefit from this form of financial counseling, too.

Default on Your Mortgage?

Struggling with Your Monthly Budget?

Considering an Affordable Rental?

Faced with Homelessness

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