Governor’s House Material Vendors,

We are pleased to inform you that the Governor’s House Program has opened the 2021 proposal cycle. If you are interested in submitting a 2021 material package proposal, please read the proposal requirements located below. Please carefully read the attached requirements sheet prior to submitting your proposal. Some items are listed with no quantity. These items may or may not be needed and will be ordered in small quantities.

Please submit proposals in the form of excel documents to governorshousebid@sdhda.org. Each category proposal must be submitted by email no later than 5:00 p.m. (CST) on February 3rd, 2021, to be considered. SDHDA will be sending you a confirmation email when the proposal is received. If you do not receive this email please contact Faith or Mike to verify receipt. If you have any questions about the proposal or if you have any difficulties submitting your proposals via email, please contact Mike Harsma mike@sdhda.org or at 605-773-5236 or Faith Korkow faith@sdhda.org or 605-773-2466.

Requested product samples may be sent to The Governor's House, 1412 Wood Street, Springfield, SD 57062 and must be received no later than 5:00 p.m. on February 3rd, 2021.

Proposal Requirements

Category 1 - Exterior Doors
Category 2 - Interior Doors & Trim
Category 3 - Door Hardware
Category 4 - Window
Category 5 - Dry Wall
Category 6 - Electrical Switchgear
Category 7 - Electrical Wire
Category 8 - Electrical PVC
Category 9 - All Other Electrical
Category 10 - Hardware
Category 11 - Miscellaneous
Category 12 - Insulation 
Category 13 - House Wrap
Category 14 - Interior Finish Items
Category 15 - Truss
Category 16 - Lumber
Category 17 - Paint - Not bid at this time
Category 18 - Plumbing
Category 19 - Tubs
Category 20 - Water Heater
Category 21 - Heating
Category 22 - Furnace
Category 23 - HRV
Category 24 - Roofing
Category 25 - Siding
Category 26 - Stone Siding Paneling
Category 27 - Soffit
Category 28 - Gutter

Call or e-mail Mike Harsma, Director of Single Family Development, with your Governor's House proposal questions.

Phone: (605) 773.5236