Name Title Phone


Mark Lauseng Executive Director 773-3181
Joni Lingle Receptionist 773-3181
Name Title Phone

Finance and Administration

Todd Hight Director 773-5665
Robin Auch Accounting Assistant 773-2465
Travis Duffy Network Administrator 773-7601
Daleen Gore Scanning Specialist 773-5312
Joanne Heckenlaible Senior Accountant 773-5159
Tracy Laqua Accountant 773-5311
Douglas Mahowald Network Administrator 773-7601
Laura Rolf Accountant 773-3873
Paul Schoenfelder Custodian/Maintenance 773-2464
Cristi Swenson Accountant 773-5151
Name Title Phone


Brent Adney Director 773-5157
Gloria Albertus Mortgage Service Officer 773-5149
Shanna Brech Mortgage Purchase Officer 773-3679
Julie Kueter Assistant Mortgage Purchase Officer 773-6107
Ben Merrill Mortgage Purchase Officer 773-7602
Mona Pries Mortgage Purchase Officer 773-4247
Julie Samuelson Mortgage Service Officer 773-3617
Mary Stewart HERO Coordinator & Mortgage Service Officer 773-5632
Shandi Walsworth Assistant Mortgage Service Officer 773-5158
Name Title Phone

Rental Housing- Management

Tasha Jones Director 773-3182
Julie Anderson Housing Management Officer 773-2461
Carla Berry Housing Management Officer 773-7600
Kris Gilkerson Housing Management Officer 773-2599
Melody Havranek Housing Research and Management Officer 773-3363
Brandon Heckenlaible Assistant Housing Management Officer 773-2468
Kelly Kruse Coordinator of Technical Services 773-6579
Kevin Merrill Housing Management Officer 773-4058
Kenda Nutter Housing Management Officer 773-5572
Jessica Paul Housing Management Officer 773-5631
Wayne Schaefbauer Housing Management Officer 773-3683
Jacque Selby Assistant Housing Management Officer 773-4575
Beth Todd Project Coordinator 773-2463
Name Title Phone

Rental Housing - Development

Lorraine Polak Director 773-3108
Denise Albertson Program Coordinator 773-2598
Travis Dammann Business Analyst 773-5150
Amy Eldridge Housing Development Officer 773-2467
Andy Fuhrman Construction Management Officer 773-5156
Chas Olson Housing Development Officer 773-4132
Scott Rounds Housing Development Officer 773-4532
Davis Schofield Continuum of Care Administrator 773-3445
Lindsay Uecker Loan Documentation Specialist 773-4522
Name Title Phone

Research & Marketing

Amanda Weisgram Director 773-4568
Sheila Ricketts Marketing/ Executive Assistant 773-7603
Name Title Phone

Governor's House Program

Mike Harsma Director 773-5236
Brittany Anderson Single Family Development Assistant 773-2466
Steve Maruska Construction Supervisor 369-4431
Mona Nelles Program Assistant 369-4430

Board of Commissioners

  • David Pummel, Chair
  • Brent Dykstra, Vice Chair
  • Bill Hansen, Treasurer
  • Scott Erickson, Commissioner
  • Rick Hohn, Commissioner
  • Steve Kolbeck, Commissioner
  • Mark Puetz, Commissioner