April 13, 2016

SDHDA Seeking RFP for the Design and Construction of a Multifamily Rental Housing Project that Meets the Multifamily Passive Building Design Standards


SDHDA is seeking proposals from developers experienced in the development of LIHTC and HOME projects and who are experienced in utilizing Passive Building Design, Energy Star, or other energy efficient building design standards to develop a multifamily rental housing project that will meet the Multifamily Passive Building Design (Passive Multifamily) standards.

SDHDA has set aside $500,000 LIHTCs and $500,000 HOME program funds for the development of one, multifamily rental housing project that will meet the Multifamily Passive Design standards when completed. SDHDA will work with the developer during the development and construction stages of this project to help determine if the Multifamily Passive Design standards can be successfully applied to a multifamily project and to determine the actual costs of the project. SDHDA will also work with the owner and management company to determine the long term operating costs of the project’s electrical and natural gas utilities and determine if there is a cost benefit for utilizing the Multifamily Passive Design standards for the future construction of multifamily rental projects

Two copies of the proposal must be provided to:

South Dakota Housing Development Authority
3060 East Elizabeth Street
PO Box 1237
Pierre, SD 57501

Proposal Due Date: 5:00 p.m., CST, Monday, May 16, 2016. Any proposals received after the proposal due date and time shall be rejected.

pdf Passive Multifamily Rental Housing Application (244 KB)

Any inquiry related to this RFP shall be directed solely to –
Lorraine Polak, Director of Rental Housing Development
3060 East Elizabeth, PO Box 1237
Pierre, SD 57501
Phone number: (605) 773-3181

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