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Please Note: This information is provided for the sole purpose of providing a "clearing house" service to the multifamily affordable rental housing community and not as an endorsement of any individual interested party, either buyer or seller. Nor is it the intent of SDHDA to market the properties identified. SDHDA continually receives requests to identify either (a) properties whose owners are interested in selling or (b) individuals, partnerships or non-profits who might be interested in obtaining existing affordable multifamily rental properties. All parties identified have given their approval for inclusion on this site.

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Property Name & Location

Key City Manor
728 E. Main St.
Sturgis, SD
Contact: Monte Kahler
Phone: (605)342-5503


Contact information for parties interested in purchasing multifamily properties in South Dakota.

Laura Archambeau
2580 Kingsway Road
Pierre, SD  57501
Cell: (605) 214-0289
Fax: (605) 763-8057

Michael Fallesen
Seldin Company
16910 Frances Street, Ste 200
Omaha, NE  68130
Cell: (402) 416-0318
Phone: (402) 952.4566

Gandolf Group
Fax: (952) 543-2454

Mike Gunderson
Phone: (218) 847-1028 or (800) 950-3736
Fax: (218) 847-0502

Tim Hofer
PO Box 18
Huron, SD  57350-0018
Phone: (605) 350-4038

Kevin Keating
1512 N. 133rd Street
Omaha, NE 68154
Cell: (402) 880-7395
Phone: (402) 504-1942

Bruce Larson
Phone: (952) 543-2455

Dave Sabow
1601 Grant Ave. Apt 3A
San Francisco, CA  94133
Phone: (415) 378-2509

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